Adding a protocol structure to Click Modular Router is as simple as defining the structure in itself:

struct DummyProto {
	unsigned int T : 1;
	unsigned int Len : 7;
	unsigned int Len : 7;
	unsigned int T : 1;

If you are not familiar with the notation, unsigned int Len : 7; is called a bitfield and creates a int field of size 7 bits. Because of this notation, the compiler might be tempted to include padding between fields hence CLICK_SIZE_PACKED_ATTRIBUTE (defined as __attribute__((packed))). This simple line is very important because it forces the compiler to arrange the bitfields exactly as told, without padding. CLICK_BYTE_ORDER is used to adjust the fields position according to the byte order.

The above is the strict minimum to define a protocol structure but you may need some additional informations. Here is the final file with all you need:

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