This was in fact our (group of 6 people) project for the first year of Master and… it’s finally Open Sourced. The goal of this project was to implement the LISP protocol on a modified version of Click Modular Router to run the code in a Xen VM.

If you’re thinking “LISP like the programming language ?” well no, LISP as in “Locator/ID Separation Protocol”, (wikipedia have a clear explication). On the other hand we have Click Modular Router, a framework made in C++ to ease the development of packet manipulation (at every programmable level of the OSI model).

Click Modular Router is pretty hard to grasp, I’m making a tutorial (oriented towards protocol implementation) about it but I don’t know when it’s going to be ready. In the mean time, the best resource is the thesis made by the creator of this framework.

As you can see, pretty neat tech is involved. Sadly we couldn’t manage to achieve the ultimate experiment: doing a Xen VM migration (the VM would be a LISP endpoint), we ran out of time. We could prove that our implementation, even if partial of the protocol, worked using… a ICMP request/response. Yes it’s rather small and simple, but it can prove that it’s working as it should.

In the end this project was hard (you can’t imagine the number of -metaphorical- walls we hit) but interesting and fit right in the whole “Cloud” hype. There is still a lot of work to do on it to make suitable for production use or stable use for that matter ;).

If you didn’t caught it at the beginning, the link for the git repository is:, there is documentation about everything on it.